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Sworn Translator Services

As from 1 January 2015, only sworn translators can make official translations from Estonian into a foreign language. A sworn translator is a public official who, like a notary, is empowered by the state to certify, within the scope noted in their professional certificate, the authenticity of copies of documents translated by such sworn translator or by another person, and to certify the authenticity of information retrieved from public records.

We provide sworn translator services in the following language pairs: Estonian-Russian, Estonian-Finnish, Estonian-English, Estonian-Italian, Estonian-Spanish, Estonian-Swedish, Estonian-Latvian, Estonian-German, Estonian-Norwegian, Estonian-Lithuanian, German-Russian-German.

NB! Translations from a foreign language into another foreign language as well as translations from a foreign language into Estonian can still be certified by a notary.

At City Centre Translation Agency work the below sworn translators:

Dmitri Platonov

Dmitri Platonov

(Estonian-German, Estonian-Russian;

Janne Kukk

Janne Kukk


Ruta Noor

Ruta Noor


Below are the sworn translators that we work with on a daily basis:

  • ENE JOON (Estonian-English)
  • GALINA TKACHEVA (Estonian-Russian)
  • MAE KÜTTIK (Russian-Estonian)
  • EPP EHASALU (Estonian-Finnish-Estonian)
  • KAIDO FLOREN (Estonian-Finnish-Estonian)
  • ANDREA BOCHESE (Estonian-Spanish, Estonian-Italian-Estonian)
  • VIIU ASTEL (Estonian-Norwegian-Estonian)
  • ANDA ZULE-LAPIMAA (Estonian-Latvian-Estonian)
  • DITA LINCE (Estonian-Latvian-Estonian)

NB! Our customers from outside Tallinn can always send in their documents by registered mail at our office address.


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