Interpretation service

About the interpretation service

Interpreting usually means consecutive, simultaneous, or whispered interpreting. For the most part, interpreting is needed at meetings, seminars, assemblies, product presentations, and most frequently at conferences. We offer conference interpreting into several languages at the same time.

Simultaneous interpreters work in interpretation booths, while the event participants hear the interpretation in their headphones. Two simultaneous interpreters work in one booth, taking turns in speaking into a microphone wherefrom the interpretation travels to the listeners’ receivers either through cords or infrared transmitters. There must be one booth for each language. Quality simultaneous interpreting generally requires two interpreters to allow each of them to rest every 20-30 minutes.

What to consider when requesting an interpretation service?

We recommend booking an interpretation service as early on as possible so that we could guarantee an interpreter for you. As a rule, interpreters’ schedules are planned far ahead and, furthermore, they need time to get acquainted with the topic at hand in order to provide an excellent interpretation. It is essential for the customer to give us as much information about the project as possible, to instruct us regarding where to find helpful materials, and equip the interpreter with all of the relevant documents, reports, and presentations.

Find out whether your event’s venue offers interpretation equipment on-site or you should rent it beforehand, either directly from the technicians or from a translation agency.

Interpreting for Notarial Transactions

We also offer interpreting services for notarial transactions. We can be fast and operational in finding a suitable interpreter for your notarial transaction as a number of interpreters covering different language pairs also work on-site in our office. If you have arranged a notarial transaction for the same day and need to find a professional interpreter quickly and at short notice, you can count on us to find you one!

Will my data and text content remain confidential?

Our translation agency ensures the confidentiality of information contained in any materials submitted to us and secures protection of the customer’s data.

We have entered into confidentiality agreements with all our employees and translation partners. Where necessary, the customer can also enter into a confidentiality agreement with us.

Selection of interpretation services

  • simultaneous interpretation at meetings, seminars, conferences
  • interpretation at product presentations
  • conference interpretation
  • consecutive interpretation
  • whispered interpretation
  • video interpretation, subtitles
  • consecutive interpretation at notarial transactions

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Areas of interpretation


Advertising and marketing

video interpretation, oral interpretation at product presentations and trade fairs, simultaneous interpretation, whispered interpretation at major events and galas



interpreting for Notarial Transactions


Business and economy

consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at business meetings, seminars, meetings and conferences



interpretation at pharmaceutical and medical product presentations, trade fairs